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The Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System

28 Feb Posted by in Blog | Comments
The Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System

home theater houston Blu-ray Home Theater SystemAre you looking to put together a home theater system in your home?  Putting together a great home theater setup can be complicated and sometimes confusing.  If you have the know-how, time and money, it is possible pick out an assortment of audio and video products, including speakers, woofers, DVD and Blu-ray players, large screen TVs and more. If you would prefer a simpler, less expensive route, you might consider buying a Home Theater in a Box System.

A Home Theater in a Box has everything you need to bring beautiful sound and an awesome picture to your home theater.  Home Theaters in a Box include the certainty that each component of your home theater is compatible with its counterparts, not to mention the convenience of having all the parts in one package.

The Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System HTS3306/F7 stands out with its performance and value, and it is sleek, trendy and on the leading edge of home-entertainment technology.  This particular home theater system has its own integrated Blu-ray player, and it is designed to let you stream music, movies, and television right from the internet.  It has a clear high-definition picture, along with five speakers and a subwoofer the produce top quality surround sound.

In today’s world, everyone is looking for high-definition pictures, and this Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System provides sharp, clear HD images for everything presented in that standard.  Standard-definition content on media such as DVDs and some broadcast channels, however, doesn’t take advantage of all the pixels on a high-definition monitor or television.  To handle this issue, the Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System uses 1080p “upconversion” technology.  This feature scales standard-definition images into a high-definition signal that your HD television or monitor recognizes and displays at its full capacity.

The Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System’s integrated player plays Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs, as well as television shows, movies, music and videos that are stored online or in the cloud.  This system is capable of connecting to the internet and streaming content from services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Pandora and many more, directly through the system’s AV receiver to your screen and through your speakers.  The ability to do this puts the Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System on the top of current entertainment technology.

A sharp, clear high-definition image has minimal entertainment value without a full and vibrant surround sound to go along with it.  This home theater system offers five top notch speakers and a subwoofer that provide a robust sound quality that is unmatched by most other systems.

The speakers included in this home theater in a box system consist of two front, one center, and two satellite speakers, along with the sub-woofer.  The AV receiver utilizes a small microphone that detects where you place each speaker in any room.  This particular technology optimizes the surround sound for any speaker placement in your home.

These days, HDMI has become the must-have connection feature for any HD machine. The back panel of the Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System has such a port.  Analog ports found on the Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System’s connectivity array include component, composite and coaxial. These analog connections allow you to connect devices that utilize these standards as well.  The Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System also has ports specifically designed for devices that connect via USB. This means you can insert a thumb drive or an external hard drive into this home theater system and play content directly from its flash memory.

This home theater in a box system also has full wireless capability.  The ability to connect the Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System to a wireless network means that you don’t have to be physically wired to an internet connection to stream content from online sources.

Another plus is the fact that the Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System is fully compliant with iOS devices.  The system has a special port for connecting iPhones, iPods and iPads.  Therefore, you can play any content on those devices right on the system’s HD screen. This is especially convenient for playing movies and music you have synced from iTunes to your iOS device.

All-in-all, the Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System is a solid performer, providing quality features at a most reasonable price.  If you are looking for a Home Theater in a Box for your home, this is one you should definitely consider!


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