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Sony’s BDP-S790 3D Blu-ray Player

19 Jan Posted by in Blog | Comments
Sony’s BDP-S790 3D Blu-ray Player

Home Theater Houston TX Sony's BDP-S790 3D Blu-ray.jpgThere are many folks who say that a Blu-ray player should do more than just play discs; they want their Blu-ray player to provide access to the Internet along with a connection to other applications and websites just like Smart TVs and mobile devices.  Sony’s BDP-S790 3D Blu-ray player does just that and it is easy and fun for the family to use.

The Sony BDP-S790 3D Blu-ray player is sleek and solidly made, yet smaller than most Blu-Ray devices.  Looking at the back side of this player, there are many outputs available, including dual HDMI outputs and an air exhaust grill.  This is the first Sony machine to offer twin HDMI outputs which helps owners of older surround sound amps, incompatible with 3D signals, to bypass them for picture and just feed in the sound.  The rear panel also has optical and coaxial audio outputs, a Composite video output, an Ethernet port for a wired connection to a home network, and an input to use for integrated control of the player with a Sony compatible TV or amplifier.  And finally, there are two USB ports, one on the back panel and another on the front of the box.

This Blu-ray player comes equipped with wireless connectivity, therefore there are no restrictions as to where it should be placed to pick up the home network.  Activating the player’s Wi-Fi is not automatic, so it does require providing details about the home network (such as the network’s name and password) on a menu screen.

The remote control is slightly shorter than most models that have become standard today, and it has a slightly grooved back for easy gripping.  The controls are fairly standard in that the center section and the remote’s bottom section provides direct control over an inserted disc.  The top section has a numeric pad, power and input buttons, so that it can be used to control a compatible SonyTV.  Another neat feature on the remote control is the dedicated Netflix button.

For those who are tied to their smart phones, Sony has a Media Remote app that is also easy to use.  It is available for both iOS and Android devices, and it gives the user complete control of the machine, from turning it on to surfing the web.  The apps work quite nicely; by swiping the main screen you get a choice of control menus, such as one for general playback, and another to use while you navigate the menus on the player and on discs.  The controls are accurate and very responsive.

While the control features are worth initial consideration, the sight and sound qualities, along with pricing, are what consumers are most interested in when selecting equipment for their home theater experience.  With Sony’s BDP-S790, most people describe the sight and sound as pretty spectacular.  Images are simply vibrant; whites are brilliant and blacks are are rich and deep, with plenty of visible image detail.

When the 3D Blu-ray is turned on, the results are absolutely captivating.  The sense of depth in the 3D images is quite impressive, truly immersing each viewer into the on-screen action.

This Sony Blu-ray player uses the Xross Media Bar navigation menu that was first pioneered on the Sony PlayStation 3. The basic setup screens take just a few minutes to work through, although you can tweak such features as picture quality, contrast at a later time.  There is also a special “party mode” that is activated in the Audio settings, which will stream music to any/all Sony-compatible wireless speakers simultaneously.  For the photographers in the family, there is a photo option, allowing viewers to control how slide shows are presented.  The BDP-S790 can also play music from a USB drive plugged into one of the two available USB ports – an easy way to add sound to a picture presentation.

You will find that the BDP-S790 has an incredibly large variety of streaming services available. In addition to Netflix, you can find Amazon VOD (including free streaming for Prime members), Vudu, Flixster, Hulu Plus, CinemaNow, NHL Network, and even YouTube.  On the audio side, there is Pandora and Slacker, and for those who are tied to social media, Skype and Facebook are also available. For anyone who does not like to use a screen-based keyboard, the BDP-S790 supports a wired or wireless USB keyboard plugged into the front USB jack.

If you are interested in Skype video/audio calls, you can do so by connecting a webcam through the USB port. In is important to note, however, that you will need an active Skype account to do so.  Sony’s Entertainment Center portal can also be accessed as well as Sony-specific special features.

All-in-all, the Sony BDP-S790 is a superb Blu-ray player.  You can’t go wrong adding this equipment to your home entertainment system. It has so many great features and such an excellent audio and picture performance that everyone in your home is sure to enjoy it.  Sony has definitely has a winner on its hands with the BDP-S790.

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