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Selecting Home Theater Loudspeakers

29 Mar Posted by in Blog | Comments
Selecting Home Theater Loudspeakers

If you are looking to create or upgrade a personal home theater, there are several components that are important to consider. Of course, the first thing that most people think of when they think about a home theater is a video screen with vivid, bold colors that is larger than life. Most people also think of realistic audio that immerses viewers into the middle of the on-screen action. Choosing the right speaker system is a must. Surround sound audio that is clear and intelligible enhances the home theater experience, just like the sound system in the local theater does.

A top notch surround-sound system will ensure that any type of audio (movies, symphonies, classic rock, video games, etc.) will be dynamic and engaging. A typical sound system includes several different components, including an A/V receiver, several different speakers and one or more subwoofers. A surround-sound system will divide audio soundtracks into multiple discrete channels to be delivered to the appropriate speakers and sub-woofer/s. By dividing the soundtracks and delivering the audio to different speakers, especially when watching a movie, viewers will feel like they are in the middle of the scene or part of the action.

Good quality home speakers make the difference between ho-hum sound and realistic, high quality audio. When considering the speakers for your home theater, there are several considerations.  As you shop around, you will find that there are a variety of options.  There are two different design types to choose from. Freestanding speakers can be placed on the floor or they can set on top of the home theater furnishings, such as bookshelves or end tables. Some speakers are designed to be recessed in the walls or ceiling. While some folks feel that freestanding speakers provide better sound quality, neither speaker design is truly better than the other, especially when the speakers are installed properly. Choosing between the two design styles is really a matter of personal preference.

Before settling on the type of speaker you prefer, be sure to audition several speakers, in both speaker design categories. Your best bet is to visit a showroom in a local home theater store or design center and listen to both music and movie audio on a variety of speakers. By doing so, you can determine your personal preference and ensure that you will get the overall audio quality that you expect. While super expensive speakers provide exceptional sound, there are many solid speaker options that fit into a variety of price ranges.

The cosmetic speaker design often plays an important role in choosing speakers for a home theater. Some people want to show off their sound system investment with sleek freestanding speakers at center stage in the home theater space. Others prefer to recess the speakers so that they do not stand out in the overall room design. It is a matter of personal choice that needs to be considered in the theater design process.

A third consideration, over and above cosmetics and quality, is the number of speakers to install. A variety of factors may play into this consideration, including your budget, the size of your home theater space and your listening preferences. True audiophiles often prefer more speakers than families who may spend most of their time watching children’s movies or playing video games. Larger rooms typically require more speakers to provide great sound quality. As you consider your speaker arrangement, make sure that your receiver or processor can handle your current plans or any speaker arrangements you may be considering in the future.

While selecting speakers for your home theater takes some research, planning and preparation, by doing so, you will certainly ensure audio results that will meet or exceed your expectations. With the right speakers, you and your family will enjoy top-notch sound for many years to come!

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