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Savant Systems SmartView Tiling

16 Oct Posted by in Blog | Comments
Savant Systems SmartView Tiling

Home Theaters Houston TX - Savant Systems SmartView Tiling - 200x200Imagine this, football fans:  high definition video from as many as nine sources viewable on a single display—all controlled easily from an iPad®.  With SmartView Tiling, you can easily watch multiple games at one time.  Or – if you are the ultimate sports fan, you can watch what is going on with NASCAR racing, a golf tournament and tennis match, not to mention keeping up with your other favorite sports teams.

If you are a sports fan, this is indeed the most incredible way to watch.  Tiling means you can send multiple video signals to just one TV;  you can choose a 4, 6, and 9 source version of this amazing product.  For most sports fans, the 4 or 6 source version is probably enough; for total sports fanatics who want even more, the 9 source option is made for you!  You already have your big projection or flat panel TV set up in your home theater.  Think about just how sweet it would be to see one big picture with your favorite team playing, along with several smaller pictures of other important games off to the side—all on one big screen TV.

SmartView Tiling is a nifty technology that is appropriate for many different applications; it can accept any video input and supports multiple sources in resolutions up to 1080P.  Source inputs can range from cable boxes, security cameras, Blu-Ray players or other video devices and the programming allows users to easily arrange their tiling and change it whenever necessary via Savant’s intuitive iPad® interface.  Having the ability to choose and control multiple programs with both HD video and audio on one simple display is an innovative and appealing functionality that both new and existing customers are excited about using.

There are other tiling-type applications available in the market today, but this Savant app is so amazingly simple; all you have to do is just touch the screen icons on your iPad®.  The sources pop up and you can choose which source goes where.  Double tap any of them and it will fill the screen.  If you want to switch what is showing in the larger frame, just slide a small icon to the large one and everything flips.  One of the best features, however, is tracking which video source you are listening to.   The current one playing has a little speaker icon on it.  If you want to switch the display that you are listening to, all you need to do is slide that icon across to another screen and the sound flips.  Working with this application is as simple as tapping a screen and sliding an icon.

Savant has moved to the top, making it simple and fun to have the best technology at your fingertips.  There is no longer any excuse for missing a game on a different channel or for channel surfing to keep up with what is going on in the sports world!  Now that you have imagined this amazing app, it is time to set it up with your home theater system for a great Sunday afternoon sports experience!

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