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How to Mount a Flat Screen TV

14 Jul Posted by in Blog | Comments
How to Mount a Flat Screen TV

Home Theater Houston Flat Screen TV Wall MountIt’s certainly possible to mount a flat screen television on a stand or atop an entertainment center and enjoy fantastic viewing, but why take up floor or shelf space when you can mount it on the wall? Unfortunately, many people baulk at attempting to wall mount a large flat screen television. They have visions of their expensive pride and joy falling off during a crucial moment of the big game, causing irreparable damage to the TV and anyone unfortunate enough to be sitting nearby. But fear not — flat screen televisions are light enough and slim enough to sit comfortably on a wall mount, and despite your misgivings, it is actually very easy to wall mount a large flat screen television correctly. In fact, mounting a flat screen television on the wall is well within the capabilities of most people.


How To Mount A Flat Screen Television Correctly

First, consider where you want to mount the television. Think about where you are likely to sit while watching TV and whether ambient light from nearby windows is going to be a problem. Ideally, the TV should also be mounted on a solid wall, although you can work around this particular issue, as we will discuss later. Lastly, check how heavy your television is to ensure you purchase a wall mount capable of supporting the weight of your TV comfortably.


What Equipment Do I Need To Mount A Flat Screen Television On The Wall?

A wall mounting kit is necessary for hanging a flat screen television on the wall. It does not necessarily need to be specifically designed for your model of television, but you need to make sure the mount fits both the TV and the type of wall where you intend on positioning the TV. If in doubt, check with your manufacturer to determine which type of mounting kit is suitable. You will also need a heavy-duty screwdriver, an electric drill, a level, and the appropriate fittings for your wall.

Wall mounting kits for flat screen televisions come in two parts: a bracket is fixed to the wall and a secondary piece attaches to the TV in place of the existing stand. Once you have determined what goes where, you need to assess the type of wall you are dealing with. A solid brick, concrete, or cinder block wall is the best type for mounting a heavy television, but as long as you use the correct parts and attach the mount to the stud rather than directly into the plasterboard, you can securely mount a flat screen television to a hollow wall.

Once you have decided on the optimum position for your TV (and located the solid stud in a hollow wall if applicable), you can begin drilling guide holes for placement. Use the wall-mounted portion of the bracket as your template and mark where you need to insert the screw. It is also a good idea to double check that the wall mount is level at all stages of the process: nothing looks worse than a skewed TV hanging on your living room wall.

The next step involves attaching the second section of the television mount to the back of your flat screen TV. If you are unsure how to do this, read the instruction manual for your TV or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

The final step is to mount your television on to the wall, but before doing this, please check to make sure you are 100% happy that the wall mount bracket is firmly in place. Once you have verified the bracket is solid, enlist the help of at least one other person to help you hang the television (additional assistance may be needed if the television is particularly large). When you have the TV in place, tug it gently to check that it feels secure, then sit back and enjoy the efforts of your handiwork.

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