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Home Theater Ideas for Football Fans

17 Nov Posted by in Blog | Comments
Home Theater Ideas for Football Fans

It is mid-November and football fans everywhere are well into the 2013-2014 football season.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it is time to think about watching NFL and NCAA games with friends and family before, during and after the turkey has been carved.  There is still enough time to make your house the best place in town to watch your favorite teams win the rest of their scheduled games.  Now is the time to install a new home theater system or to upgrade your current equipment.  It is definitely time to create the ultimate football fan zone, so here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Most football fans love big, bright screens – the bigger the better!  In your home theater, consider upgrading to a Black Diamond projector screen.  Black Diamond screens have the look and feel of a flat panel TV and these high-end projector screens can operate with ambient lights on, so no one has to watch football in the dark.
  2. If you do consider upgrading your viewing screen, you may want to upgrade to an LCD movie projector as well.  These extra-bright projectors make team colors radiate on the screen and you will see amazingly sharp images of all the fast plays.
  3. Many of the best home theater seat brands allow complete customization of the theater seating that you choose.  Brand names, such as Pallister, have an extraordinary range of fabric selections. Imagine decking out your home theater in your favorite team’s colors.  Of course, if your team has a flashy color combination, you may want to consider more muted versions of those colors.
  4. Everybody is going to love watching the upcoming games, or any other sporting event for that matter, in your home theater.  If you plan on hosting a crowd for future game nights, the end of season Bowl games, and especially the Super Bowl, consider installing risers so everyone has a great view of each and every play. Risers also add a stadium-type atmosphere that is ideal for the sports fans in your life.
  5. While you are considering a new home theater, or even an upgrade, you may want to look into some licensed sports team furnishings and memorabilia to enhance the decor.  If you have extreme team pride, these items are a great way to fill your home with your team’s logo.  Did you know that you can get licensed team furniture such as coffee tables, TV trays, pool tables, and even light fixtures?
  6. The final consideration to complete the picture-perfect home theater centers around the ultimate game time snacks.  Tired of missing unexpected plays or other memorable moments during the game, just because you have to go to a different room for snacks and a drink?  What about moving the munchies directly into your entertainment room? Mini refrigerators are a popular home theater item, especially for  football enthusiasts. You can even think about taking convenient snacking one step further by setting up a hot dog steamer or roller grill right there in the room with you.  Can you imagine it?  You and your friends will feel like you are right there at the stadium with the perfect game time refreshments – a hotdog and a drink in your hand.

It is time to cheer your favorite team in the ultimate home theater setting.  Make it happen today and let the cheering begin!

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