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Holiday Gift Ideas

16 Dec Posted by in Blog | Comments
Holiday Gift Ideas

Another holiday season is in full swing.   All you have to do is watch your TV for a couple of minutes and you will be inundated with holiday advertisements.  There are many eye-catching ads of men tucking away beautifully wrapped packages with diamond ear rings, a jeweled pendant or even a diamond ring, all in hopes of capturing the heart of the woman in their life. As our favorite holiday tunes play in the background, the woman excitedly opens the present to find the gift of her dreams.

These holiday ads are great, but what about holiday gift ideas for the man of your life?  Consider a home theater gift or two – they are bound to bring excitement during this year’s holiday gift exchange.  Can’t you just imagine the smile on his face when he opens a TV or new home theater speaker system?   Of course, if you are looking for a fun family present, any one of these five home theater gift ideas will also WOW your entire family.

Whether you and your family are new to home theater or you are looking to upgrade your current components, there are many options to consider.  The following five are just a few of the possibilities:

  • Flat screen Plasma HDTV

A plasma TV is a great flat screen option for presenting high definition material.  Most brands/models offer a sharp picture quality that everyone will enjoy and they are usually a little less expensive than similar sized LCDs.

  • Flat screen LCD HDTV

An LCD HDTV is another great holiday gift idea. Flat screen LCD TVs come in many sizes ranging from under 20 inches to 60 inches or more.  Of course, the smaller sizes can be used in the kitchen or bedroom while the larger sizes are perfect to use as the main home theater screen. Add a touch of class to your living room or home theater with a sleek 60” LCD HDTV.  Everyone will love the crystal clear picture during a family movie night or the big sports play-off games.

  • High Definition Projector

If you are thinking about recreating the feeling of watching movies in the local theater, then a front projector is the perfect holiday gift idea.  If you want the look and feel of big screen action, a high definition projector could be just the right gift; they can display pictures of 100 inches or more, enabling your family to be fully engrossed in the action.  It is important to remember, however, that projectors are ideal for dedicated home theater rooms where the amount of light into the room can be controlled.

  • Home theater speaker system

Many people underestimate the importance of sound to the overall home theater experience.  A high quality surround sound system will plunge you right into the action; you feel like you are participating in the action rather than just watching the drama play out on the screen.  Enjoy earth shattering explosions, stadium cheering during a sporting event, the delicate sounds of a gentle rain or a lion’s roar coming from behind you.  All the elements of sound play a key part in the overall pleasure of the movie experience.

Keep in mind that a home theater speaker system should have at least a 5.1 set up, therefore it should have two front speakers, a center channel and at least two surround channels plus one dedicated sub-woofer for the low frequency sound effects.

  • Home Theater Seating

While many folks may have a sofa or a recliner in their home theater, why not consider actual home theater seating?  A pair of overstuffed leather home theater seats could be the ultimate holiday gift, adding great comfort along with a perfect viewing angle.  Home theater seating is available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics to match your home’s décor.  In fact, there are a number “extras” available for home theater seating that will add some finishing touches to your home theater, such as bass shakers to literally feel the vibrations from the deep bass sounds.

These great holiday gift ideas are sure to delight every home theater enthusiast.  If you are looking for the ideal gift for your spouse, the whole family or if you are just looking to treat yourself this holiday season, be sure to consider one of these gift ideas.

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