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Gift Ideas for a Home Theater Enthusiast

22 Nov Posted by in Blog | Comments
Gift Ideas for a Home Theater Enthusiast

The holiday shopping season is in full swing and shoppers are scurrying from store-to-store looking for the perfect gift for family, friends, co-workers and even neighbors.  If someone on your list is a home theater enthusiast, consider a unique or even a practical gift made for that extraordinary home space.

There are many different gifts that will bring a smile to home theater fans.  While some exceptional gifts may be in a higher price range, there are many fun gifts and stocking stuffers that fit into a gift-givers budget.  Below you will find a selection of gifts for the home theater lover on your life:

  1. Create a movie night gift basket using a large, reusable popcorn bowl or a movie theater style serving tray. Fill the bowl or tray with microwave popcorn packages, a selection of movie theater candy boxes, and a couple of favorite DVDs (or a gift card that can be used to purchase a new movie flick or two).
  2. If your family members or a friend really love a specific movie or movie genre, consider purchasing a framed movie poster. Posters are available for current movies, blockbuster hits, as well as the old classics.  Movie posters can add to the décor of a home theater or can be added as a fun wall decoration in a child’s bedroom.
  3. If you are looking to give a realistic movie theater experience, customized introduction DVDs are available to surprise your home theater fans. There are a wide assortment of intro DVDs available that feature movie trivia, movie commercials, “turn off cell phone” reminders and more.
  4. Everyone loves “movie theater” popcorn! There is nothing like the smell of hot buttered popcorn, especially when you first walk into a movie theater.  For the home theater enthusiast who seems to have everything, giving an antique style popcorn machine will bring smiles and pure delight.
  5. While popcorn is a theater staple, everyone needs a cold drink to go with it. There is no need to buy sodas at the grocery store when soda can be made at home.  A soda maker is a unique gift for any home theater buff.
  6. For gift givers who prefer giving more practical gifts, a universal remote might be at the top of the gift list. A universal “smart” remote allows home theater fans, family and friends to manipulate the TV, DVD player, surround sound and other home theater devices without having to sort through any number of individual remotes trying to find the right one.  Many of the latest models of universal remotes include an app to make a smart phone into a universal remote.
  7. It is entirely possible that home theater fans like using a variety of original remotes. If that is the case, a remote control caddy may be just the gift to get those remote controls organized.

These are just a few of the potential gifts to consider for the home theater aficionado in your life.  Any one of these gift ideas will bring joy and ensure that the recipient’s home theater is a very special space.

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