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Design a Home Theater with Contractor Help

28 Dec Posted by in Blog | Comments
Design a Home Theater with Contractor Help

The holidays are almost over and it is time to start plans for 2016.  Is this the year to design and build a dream home theater for you and your family to enjoy?  Perhaps a home theater will be part of a new-home build or maybe you have remodeling plans in mind.  With a large home project like this, there are many things to think about:  your budget, the blueprints, audio and visual equipment, sound and lighting, the home theater theme and décor, seating, timelines and more.

If you have ever tackled a major home renovation, you are well aware of the fact that it takes a lot of patience and negotiation when working with different contractors.  Working with architects, builders, electricians and perhaps even an interior designer can be downright nerve-racking.  Adding technology and proper equipment installation into the mix often makes the project more complicated.

Whether you are building a new home and designating space for a home theater or remodeling a space in an existing home, be sure to find a professional electronic systems contractor (ESC) to help in the initial design process – before the architectural plans are finished and the construction has begun.  An ESC can offer suggestions to ensure you maximize acoustics in your home theater.  (For example, did you know that the acoustics in a rectangular home theater space are much better than in a square room?)  Also, installing the necessary wiring before putting up the walls saves time and is less expensive.

Working with an ESC at the beginning of your home theater project will ensure that you consider a variety of different issues and solutions.  An experienced electronic systems contractor knows that technology and design are often at odds with each other.  Designers and architects typically think that equipment and wiring should be out-of-sight, however that is not always possible.  An ESC can suggest other available design-oriented solutions.  For many home owners, performance is their most critical objective; sacrificing quality to avoid exposed equipment is simply not an option.  Make sure that all involved contractors are aware of your preferences in order to avoid conflicts between the contractors and to ensure your expectations are met.  Change orders are costly and add unnecessary time requirements the project.

As you begin your home theater project, carefully choose the contractors you will hire.  Electronic systems contractors, interior designers and architects must work together closely to complete such a detailed project.  In fact, many have worked together on other home theater projects and prefer to work as a team with professionals they can trust.

As you are choosing the contractors that will design and build your home theater, ask for information regarding their experiences in planning and building high-tech homes or remodeling rooms to become high-tech ready.  Ask the contractors for their credentials and any continuing education courses they have taken to ensure that they are up-to-date on the latest technology and trends in their particular field.  Request four or five references; ask the references about their experience and overall satisfaction with the contractor you are considering.

Creating a dream home theater is an exciting project to tackle.  You can avoid unnecessary stress by hiring experienced professionals in the initial planning process.  Be sure to make your goals and ideas clear and understood by all involved in making this awesome dream a reality in 2016!

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