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Creating the Perfect Home Theater

11 Aug Posted by in Blog | Comments
Creating the Perfect Home Theater

Times have certainly changed.  Think back to when you were a child…home “theaters” were nothing more than a television set (possibly with rabbit ears) set up in your living room or family room.  If you were lucky as a child, you might have been able to come home after school and watch one TV show before doing your homework.  On Sunday nights, you and your family might have made some Jiffy Pop before settling in to watch Walt Disney’s “Wonderful World of Color”.  In essence, your childhood home theater was the one room in the house where the television was located and family gathered for entertainment.

Today, when we talk about a home theater, we think of a room in our home that is dedicated to creating a theater-like audio visual experience for family and friends. There is no need to go to a local theater to watch a box office hit, especially when you can create the same or better entertainment experience in the comfort of your home.  You can avoid theater hassles, such as long lines for tickets and concessions, uncomfortably small seats, not to mention exorbitant ticket and concession prices, by creating a home theater for everyone to enjoy.  Why not take advantage of watching your favorite movies at home, without any of the hassles, on a big screen with awesome surround sound?

A basic home theater consists of several components.  Since a dazzling picture is often the central point in a home theater, you will want to pair a high quality HDTV with a sound system that transports viewers into the middle of any scene.  (If you are a fan of 3D movies, it is easy to build a 3D experience in your home theater with an HDTV and Blu-Ray player that support the 3D functionality.)  In addition, other necessary components include a DVD or Blu-Ray player video player, a receiver, cable or satellite hook-up, a video gaming system (if you have kids) and WI-FI for streaming from a computer or other electronic device.  Of course, universal remotes, cables to connect the system and power protection will be needed to pull the system together.

Many people opt for a pre-packaged sound system.  They are easy and fairly quick to set-up and most provide surround sound audio that everyone can enjoy.  If you are looking for the ultimate in audio performance, choosing specific components may be a better option.  You will probably prefer setting up your own customized system, if you already have some of the equipment or you are looking to upgrade just a few pieces of your current system, .

There is a wide selection of home theater components available and the prices range from fairly inexpensive to very pricey. As you are planning your home theater, know the amount of money you want to spend and be sure to thoroughly research a variety of products to determine exactly what you want.  Keep in mind that high prices do not always correlate with the quality of the product!

Room shape and size will need to be considered in the beginning planning stages when you are designing your home theater.  The size of your home theater space is also a critical consideration as you determine the furnishings.  Items such as wall-mounts, a stand for your TV or shelving for small speakers may be necessary if you are creating a home theater in a smaller room.

Putting together the perfect home theater for your family and friends takes some time and effort, but in the end it is well worth it.  No more theater hassles – the perfect audio visual experiences will be comfortably at your fingertips, making everyone happy!

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