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Choosing the Best AV Receiver

23 Apr Posted by in Blog | Comments
Choosing the Best AV Receiver

Home Theaters Houston TX - Choosing the Best AV ReceiverA really fine AV receiver can give you the ultimate home theater experience.  If you are currently considering upgrading your receiver, there are several features to think about as you research the available choices.  Consider the following when choosing the best AV receiver for your own personal needs:


Look for an AV receiver that has a minimum of 50 watts of power when measured at two channels.  With 50 watts of power, neither the amplifier nor the speakers will experience a degraded or distorted sound quality while you and your family watch favorite movies at a full surround sound volume.

Consider a receiver with completely wireless capabilities.  If you choose a unit that includes AirPlay and Bluetooth, you will be able transform your surround sound system into a wireless speaker system.  By entering a few commands into a tablet or smartphone, anyone in the family will easily be able to listen to their music coming from your home theater sound system.


As you begin looking for an AV receiver that will meet your personal video expectations, be sure to look at both the pass-through capabilities and upscaling capabilities. With all the new technologies available, you should plan to purchase a receiver that can handle the latest technologies, including the ability to pass through 4K video.  This is important because this will allow you and your family to watch any type of media with the best possible resolution.  Consider an AV receiver that is already able to use HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0.  Even though that technology is seldom used today, it definitely will be needed to watch 4K video in the not so distant future.


Be sure to consider a receiver that has the power to handle at least one subwoofer, along with a minimum of seven speakers. This will allow everyone in the family to enjoy a great home theater listening experience.  It will also ensure that you can experience the awesome Dolby surround sound and DTS formats.

Chances are that everyone in the family will want to plug a variety of devices into the new receiver.  Therefore, it is best to consider a receiver that has no less than five HDMI inputs.  If resources allow, you may want at look at some of the better receivers as they may contain several additional HDMI inputs.  If you plan to connect older audio components, make sure that your new receiver includes the necessary legacy audio inputs.  Most likely you will need an optical input, along with several audio inputs, in order to use those older audio components with a new receiver.

Customer Support

In today’s business world, most home theater and electronic component manufacturers expect that any necessary customer support will be handled by retailers who are authorized to sell their products.  In most cases, that works very well to satisfy customer needs, questions and concerns. There are other ways to get support or issue resolution, if necessary; before finalizing your purchase, make sure there is a manufacturer support team available via phone, email or social media.

Whether you are looking to update your current home theater sound system or you are creating a brand new home theater, take the time to find an AV receiver that maximizes your listening experience.  You won’t be sorry!

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